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Alexandria, Louisiana

Go Get 'em with a Critter Getter Pirogue! 

The Best Pirogues in all the Bayou

Critter Getter Can Get You Where You Want To Go


Are you gearing up for duck season? Do you love the unique look of cajun style pirogues? We have the products you want. 

Make your duck hunting expedition more successful with a Critter Getter Pirogue, Kayak, Layout Boat, Pit Blind or Layout Blind from Bayou Rapides Fiberglass in Alexandria, Louisiana. We build a full line of pirogues, pit-blinds, mud motors, as well as non-corrosive fiberglass enclosures for the water and waste water industries and industrial battery enclosures.

We have been manufacturing pirogues, industrial products and repairing all kinds of fiberglass products since 1979. We have the knowledge and skill necessary to put together the products you need to suit all of your hunting or fishing needs. Find out what we have to offer by calling us today for manufacturing and pricing details of our Critter Getter Pirogues, Pit Blinds and Mud Motors. Also, be sure to visit our products page for pictures and more information!

Before making a decision on your purchase of a pirogue or kayak take the time now to educate yourself on the difference between a hand laid fiberglass product and a chopped fiberglass product.

Critter Gitter Pro Staff Member Using Model 114 Kayak/Layout Boat

A hand laid part is lighter, thinner, and stronger because of the factory manufactured rolls of material that meet specific quality standards.  Due to
the accuracy of the resin to glass ratio, superior strength and structural integrity is achieved by using the hand laid method. These products are consistently the same thickness in any given area on a similar product. 


Introducing the Critter Getter Pirogue
This duck hunting boat is what you need to head out on the water for a great day of shooting or fishing. All 100% hand-laid fiberglass pirogues, the Critter Getter Pirogue is made from the lightest, yet strongest, laminate there is. Available in double bow and  flat back models. Critter Getter Pirogues come in different sizes depending on your duck hunting and fishing needs, such as:

• 12' and 14' Flat Back; 12', 14', and 16' 6" Double Bow
• 11' 4" Kayak for 1 Person (Layout Boat)
•  6' Display Pirogue for Decorating, Parties, Tables, Buffets, Etc.


Duck Hunting Fiberglass Pit Blinds
When you're hunting for ducks in the marsh or rice fields, you need a pit blind that you can put in at ground or water level so that you are below the ducks. Compared to a steel or aluminum blind, there are NO worries about rust or rot with a fiberglass blind. Our Blinds are made of thick, hand-laid fiberglass and will last a lifetime. We offer Pit Blinds to fit 1 to 4 hunters, in three different styles. You can plant the natural vegetation around your blind to camouflage it for a better hunt.

• 1 Man Box Style
• 2 and 3 Man Bench Style
• 4 Man South Louisiana Marsh Style

  4 Man Tank Pit Blind

Contact us today at (866) 736-4214 in Alexandria, Louisiana,
to hear more about what you can use YOUR Critter Getter Pirogue for!