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Alexandria, Louisiana

Go Get 'em with a Critter Getter Pirogue! 






 Why choose a Critter Getter Mud Motor?

Simple Design

Durable - double galvanized finish provides superior corrosion resistance and paintability 


Light Weight - the Mini Critter Getter Mud Motor weighs approx 50 lbs fully assembled

Speed & Power - the direct drive system gets more horsepower to the propeller


Easily Maintenanced

Customizable - Critter Getter Mud Motors are assembled in Louisiana and customized to each customer's needs -                                         everything from choice of horsepower to right or left handed drivers

Critter Getter Mud Motors

Offer a 1-3 year factory warranty on all engines

Briggs & Stratton, VanGuard, and Honda engines available, depending on the engine model 

Electric Start available on some engines

            Mini (5/8" Shaft):     2.8 HP GX 100cc Honda                        $ 1,207   

            Small (3/4" Shaft):   4.5 HP 550 Series Briggs & Stratton   $ 985

                                        6.5 HP GX 200cc Honda (P.S)              $ 1,175

                                        6.5 HP VanGuard 205cc (P.S)              $ 1,086

            Medium (1" Shaft): 9 HP GX 270cc Honda (P.S)                 $ 1,436

                                        8 HP Briggs & Stratton (P.S)                $ 1,132

                                       13 HP GX 390cc Honda (P.S)                $ 1,829

                                       13 HP 2100 Seris Briggs (E)                  $ 1,467

            Large (1" Shaft):    16 HP VanGuard (E)                               $ 2,775

                                       20 HP GX 630cc Honda (E)                    $ 2,737

Other engine sizes available, please contact us for additional sizes and pricing

*P.S - Pull Start        *E - Electric Start        *Above pricing does not include shipping

Swamp Runner Mud Motor Kits

2 year warranty

                                      5/8" Shaft Mini Kit        $349 

                                      3/4" Shaft Small Kit      $399

                                      1" Shaft Medium Kit     $499

                                      1" Shaft Large Kit          $699